Facebook has updated its resource center to help non-profits get started with the social network. The Resources and Success Stories tabs now come with new features for NPOs to work with.

The Resources tab takes you to a page that includes basic tutorials such as how to set up a Facebook Page, create an Event or Group and use Facebook Applications. The newest features is the Non-Profits Guide.

The guide takes NPOs through all the steps of getting set up on Facebook. After going over basic Page creation, it dives into tips for building a presence on the social network.

Advice in the guide includes using the first-person voice to be personable, encouraging supporters to upload photos from your events and using the third-party application Causes for fundraising. There’s more tips in there, most of which are good for any business to understand, not just non-profits.

The other new feature is the addition of the Success Stories tab. This takes you to a page that highlights non-profits that have found ways to make Facebook work for their cause. You can even submit your own story as well.

And don’t forget the Wall. Facebook updates the news feed there with latest campaigns that have worked for NPOs as well as polls and new feature announcements.

[Source: Facebook Non-Profits Page]