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A Powerful Suite of Social Media Analytics Tools

A Powerful Suite of Social Analytics

Reporting Suite Includes:

  • Group Report
  • Engagement Report
  • Team Report
  • Facebook Report
  • Twitter Profiles
  • Trends Report
  • Twitter Comparison
  • Twitter Listening
  • Instagram Profiles
  • Google Analytics
  • Sent Messages

Unlimited Presentation-Ready Reports

Sprout’s dynamic reports are designed to make social media analytics data easily digestible and ready to present.

Custom Branding

Add custom logos to reports—great for agencies managing multiple accounts or for sharing reports with management.

PDF & Data Export

Interact with dynamic analytics and build presentation-ready reports to export in PDF format. Or, access a CSV of raw data.

Summary Emails

Stay up to date on your engagement with weekly summary reports of activity across all your social properties.

Customize Social Media Reporting Across Networks & Profiles

Twitter Official Partner for Engagement and Publishing

Facebook Marketing Partner for Management & Insights

Instagram Partner Program for Community Management

Sophisticated Search & Discovery Tools

Profile, group & Roll-up Reports

Tailor your reports in a way that makes sense to your business—take a high or low level view across networks or specific profiles.

Tap into Facebook Insights

Quickly get a feel for Page impressions, Fan growth and how your Facebook content is performing with intuitive, interactive reports.

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Sophisticated Search & Discovery Tools

Identify Your Best Content

View aggregate or individual post stats for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ content all in one place, including clicks, reach and engagement.

A Variety Of Twitter Reports

Profile, message-level and listening reports break down follower demographics, competitive insights, and Twitter keyword, hashtag and trends analysis.

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Sophisticated Search & Discovery Tools

Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools

Measure follower growth, analyze engagement ratios and dig deeper into trends in your hashtag usage and the resulting audience engagement.

Dynamic Instagram Reporting

Set custom date ranges and include one or many profiles to compare engagement, content and profile performance across custom reporting periods.

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Dig Deeper with Premium Social Media Reports from Sprout

Response Rates & Times

Engagement Report measures how well your team responds to messages and finds actionable ways to improve.

Quantify Team Workflow

Team Report analyzes your team’s activity and performance around tasking and collaboration to increase efficiency.

Track Twitter Keyword Usage

Twitter Listening uncovers trends in Twitter traffic for any keyword, hashtag or complex query across any date range.

Manage the inbox as a team

Understand Your Social Traffic by Integrating Google Analytics

Social Referral Report

Make campaign and conversion tracking from social posts a seamless process by adding your and Google Analytics accounts.

Understand Your Social Traffic by Integrating Google Analytics

Custom Url Tracking

Define campaigns and automatically append tracking data to the links you post from Sprout to identify social traffic in Google Analytics.

A Powerful Platform for Social Media Analytics

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