Sprout Social is hiring for the following positions:

Platform Systems Engineer
Server Operations Enginee
Web Developer (NEW) 

Platform Systems Engineer
Sprout Social is hiring a phenomenal Platform Systems Engineer. We want someone who loves creating elegant solutions to complex problems. Help us build the back-end components that will power our next generation of products and shape our industry.

  • Is passionate systems programmer (threading, I/O, distributed systems, etc.)
  • Has a long history with complex languages (Java, C++ or other low-level languages).
  • Has experience or interest in scaling techniques
  • Communicates collaboratively, clearly and frequently
  • Is very self sufficient and comfortable in arapidly changing environment with short project cycles 

Server Operations Engineer
Sprout Social is hiring a exceptional Server Operations Engineer to join our talented engineering team. Join us to help define and drive the growth and scalability in our next generation of infrastructure. 

  • Is experienced at building, scaling and tuning a modern, web-scale stack: MySQL databases, nosql databases, caching layers, web servers, load balancing, replication, etc.
  • Is adept at independently discovering, visualizing and fixing performance issues system-wide
  • Can put in place excellent monitoring and analysis systems throughout the entire stack

Web Developer

  • Are extremely good at coding in PHP and Javascript
  •  Love to keep your HTML and CSS at the forefront of HTML5/CSS3 features
  •  Think about performance and design implications with every line of code you write
  •  Have solid software design skills
  •  Are very hard working and self-sustaining
  •  Like variety in your projects

More about Us:

  • Experiencing tremendous growth
  • Are driven by exceptional engineering
  • Build products that people love
  • Work our asses off, and have a lot of fun
  • Appreciate people who get it done
  • Offer competitive pay, benefits and stock options
  • Reside at 600 W. Chicago – the heart of Chicago’s technology movement

Please submit resume, experience with similar projects or anything else you feel is relevant to this position today to grow (at) sproutsocial.com