Collaboration Tools Make Social Media
Management a Team Effort


Sprout is a scalable social media solution built for teams. Divvy up the workload and collaborate in real-time. Try it for 30 days.

Collaborate Right Inside Your Social Inbox

Sprout’s Smart Inbox makes it easy for your team to effortlessly manage your Social communication so you never miss a message that matters to your business.

Smart Inbox features

Manage the Inbox Together

Mark messages complete & hide them from the Smart Inbox, allowing real-time collaboration & seamless team transitions.

Assign & Manage Tasks

Route messages to the appropriate people or departments. See who is online and available to respond immediately.

View Live Activity Updates

With activity updates directly in the inbox, everyone knows what everyone else is doing at any given point in time.

Follow the Audit Trail

See who on your team has replied to, tasked or marked a message complete with team attribution.

Watch collaboration made easy in the Smart Inbox.

More on the Smart Inbox

Customize Sprout to Fit Your Team’s Needs

Smart Inbox features

Flexible Account Structure

Account owners keep full control of their social profiles with the flexibility to add and remove team members as needed—without ever having to share company passwords.

User-based Permissions

Users can be given publish, draft, or read-only access to selected profiles—defining how they can use and interact with the application.

Visibility Across the Organization with
Team Collaboration Tools

Social CRM

Context is critical to building lasting customer relationships. View the actual customer relationship—not just their social profile—with a complete conversation history and shared customer records for each specific contact.

Try it, free for 30 days
Smart Inbox features
Smart Inbox features

Team Content Calendar

Sprout's shared content calendar gives you a comprehensive view of scheduled content for all social channels across your entire team. View the entire month or drill down to activity on specific days. Review drafts, make changes to scheduled posts and add content where needed.

Manage Team Collaboration

When managing tasks, you'll have complete visibility of assignments on an organizational, team, or individual level. Review new and completed tasks to efficiently track and manage everyone's workflow.

Try it, free for 30 days
Smart Inbox features

A Powerful Platform for Social Collaboration

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