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Collaborate Right Inside Your Social Inbox

The Smart Inbox brings all your social messages from all your profiles into a single filterable stream and equips your entire team with the tools for collaborative workflow.

Manage the inbox as a team

Apply custom tags and use filters to divvy the workload. Easily mark messages complete to facilitate real-time, seamless collaboration.

Never get your wires crossed

Live activity updates in the inbox show you in real-time when a teammate is viewing or replying to a message.

Turn any message into a task

Easily turn any social messages into actionable tasks and add helpful context by designating a type or including a note.

Follow the audit trail

See who took action on a message so you always know who has replied to, tasked or marked a message complete.

Manage the inbox as a team

Watch social media collaboration made easy in the Smart Inbox.

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Streamline & Manage Team Workflow with Tasks

Task Across teams & Systems

Identify sales leads, route general tasks or seamlessly create Helpdesk support tickets from any message.

Get messages in the right hands

See who is available online and route messages to alert the appropriate people in-app and via email.

Complete Task Workflow Visibility

View tasks on the team and individual level—quickly filter by open, completed or specific task types.

Measure Workflow efficiency

Analyze your team's active task time, completion ratio and more collaboration insights with the Team Report.

Collaborate on Content With Team Publishing Tools

Profile Publishing Governance

User-based publishing permissions on the profile level provide custom access based on an individual’s role.

Shared Publishing Calendar

A single, filterable calendar provides team-wide management across multiple profiles and networks.

Intuitive Message Approval

Sprout’s built-in message approval workflow is great for compliance, legal, agency collaboration or review.

Create & Collaborate On Drafts

Message drafts can be used to jot down and save post ideas or for collaborative peer review.

Collaborate on Content With Team Publishing Tools

Bidirectional System Integrations for Stronger Team Collaboration

Seamless Support with Zendesk integration Seamless Support with Uservoice integration Enhance social CRM capabilities with Salesforce integration

Seamless Support with Helpdesk

Zendesk and UserVoice integrations allow social and support teams to create, track, manage and resolve issues without leaving their respective dashboards.

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Enhance social CRM capabilities

Create a complete view for marketing and sales by matching social contacts with corresponding customer Salesforce data—all without leaving Sprout.

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A Powerful Platform for Social Media Collaboration

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