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Social at the center

Learn how social collaboration drives more informed, meaningful impact in short sessions designed to help you evolve the role of social in your business.

  1. Welcome


    Junie Dinda

    VP, Product Marketing, Sprout Social

  2. See Social Differently

    Settle in for a session of collaboration strategies, stories of partnership and tools to bring those opportunities to life. Sprout’s President, Ryan Barretto, is kicking things off with examples of Sprout’s own collaboration and cascading impact across the organization.


    Ryan Barretto

    President, Sprout Social

  3. See Your Customers Differently

    When marketing and social align, you gain access to an unfiltered view of what customers are thinking. With insights from that kind of partnership, you can create 360 campaigns that generate growth and loyalty—turning mere fans into brand champions.

    Lodge Cast Iron and ITW Welding North America will share stories of partnership within their own business structures, including ah-ha moments, relationship building and the human element of interpreting data.


    Cindy Coughlin

    Digital Campaign Manager, ITW

    Jodi Lawrence

    Associate Digital and Social Media Manager, Lodge Cast Iron


    Katherine Kim

    Content Strategist, Sprout Social

  4. See Brand Awareness Differently

    The human behind your social handle is the most public and agile person in your organization. The partnership between them and Public Relations is vital. How do you set that relationship up for success?

    Vanessa Mbonu from the NAACP shares how she works in lockstep with her PR team–aligning on everything from the seemingly mundane to the highly polarizing and using insights from social as a barometer for broader brand awareness efforts.


    Vanessa Mbonu

    Digital Director, NAACP

  5. See Revenue Generation Differently

    CareSource and Scorpion will share success stories achieved through sales and social collaboration within their organizations. Follow their journey to drive demand, create workflows for efficient lead handoffs and open their teams up to new opportunities partnered with social.

    Your partnership with sales is what takes social selling from buzzword to powerful advantage.


    Alicia Bertsche

    Senior Marketing Specialist, CareSource

    Cheryl McRae

    Director of Vertical Marketing, Scorpion


    Leila Mozaffarian

    Account Executive, Sprout Social

  6. See Employer Brand Differently

    Social elevates “Please post this open role” memos of the past to powerful platforms for recruiting, culture and employee storytelling. Bryan Chaney shares the collaboration that helped make Indeed the place to work, all the while building a more accessible and inclusive talent pipeline.


    Bryan Chaney

    Director of Employer Brand, Talent Attraction, Indeed

  7. See Messaging Differently: A Conversation with Facebook

    Learn how Messaging and other Facebook and Instagram features help brands collaborate across teams, creating more innovative approaches and bigger brand impact. Hear best practices for optimal Messaging experiences across teams, spotlights on brands they admire and product tips and tricks for the most effective use of the Facebook ecosystem of platforms.


    Trusha Chokshi

    Platform Partnerships Lead, Facebook

  8. See Sprout Differently

    No matter the size of your organization—and whether or not you use Sprout—this session will give you an inside look at strategic tools that drive efficiency, insights and collaboration for not only you, but your partners. From the Smart Inbox to Listening, we’ll dive into features that give you a proactive advantage—plus, how you can customize them to work for your business.


    Jackie Baum

    Senior Solutions Engineer, Sprout Social

  9. Closing


    Junie Dinda

    VP, Product Marketing, Sprout Social