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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Landscape?

Those who realize the importance of a strong social media presence and the need for optimized visual content in their posting strategy. This could be a social media manager at an enterprise company, a blog webmaster that frequently needs images or a local business owner that relies on social media for their business.

What are the allowable file types?

Landscape currently accepts jpg/jpeg, png, and gif file types (animated GIFs are not supported).

What is the maximum allowable image size?

Landscape allows users to upload images up to 10MB in size, though the various social media networks may have their own size limits.

What browsers does Landscape Support?

Landscape runs best on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer version 11 or above.

Why would I use the custom dimensions?

The need for optimized imagery goes beyond just social media sites. Set custom dimensions to scale images for your website, blog posts and anywhere else that could use a little design work.

My image is compatible with a disabled network. Why am I seeing a "Some sizes are incompatible with the image you uploaded" error message?

This warning message means that the image you uploaded is too small for a specific network or post type. While the networks themselves may accept the size that you uploaded, that does not mean it's the optimal size. We chose to set our parameters to crop for the recommended sizes instead of the minimum to ensure your images look great.

I made some great photos, how can I best share them to social?

Sprout Social, the company that brought you Landscape, has an entire suite of social media publishing tools. Use Sprout to post to all of your social networks simultaneously, schedule posts for specific times in the future or just queue messages to be sent at the optimal time for your unique audience using our proprietary Viralpost algorithm.

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