Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are a type of paid content prominently featured on Twitter to a targeted audience. Paid tweets are typically shown on highly visible locations on Twitter, including the top of user timelines. Sponsored tweets are marked with a “Promoted” tag at the bottom of the post.

How to Create a Promoted Tweet

Choose between Promote Mode to automatically promote tweets or Twitter Ads for more strategic campaigns.

What Is Promote Mode?

If you choose Promote Mode, you will pay a flat fee of $99 per month for an automated feature to amplify your tweets. This mode is only available in the US, UK and Japan. According to Twitter, Promote Mode will gain an average of 30 followers and a reach of 30,000 people each month for brands that initiate a Promoted Account campaign.

How to Create a Promoted Tweet With Twitter Ads

Follow these steps to create a Promoted Tweet with Twitter ads:

1. Select Country & Time Zone
2. Click on an Objective for Your Twitter Campaign

3. Fill In Campaign Details
Name your campaign, set your daily budget and decide on how long campaign will run. Optional step is to choose pacing under Advanced (Standard or Accelerated for frequency ads are shown).
4. Include Ad Group Information
Name the ad group. Optional steps include choosing start and end times for ad groups and picking the total ad group budget.
5. Choose Bid Type (Automatic or Target Cost) & Optimization Preferences
Select whether you want to maximize reach or reach with engagement under “Optimization preference.”
6. Pick Tweets to Promote and Where They’ll Appear on Twitter
7. Select a Targeted Audience
Apply criteria for custom audiences (such as lists), narrow audience by demographics, locations, features and more.

Best Practices for Promoted Tweets

Recommendations from Twitter include use calls to actions, ask engaging questions and avoid hashtags or tagged mentions.

When Do I Have to Pay for a Twitter Ad?

You pay when users interact with your tweet in a way that meets campaign objectives, including likes, replies, clicks, retweets and follows.

Which Tweets Will Not Be Promoted?

Promoted tweets are expected to follow advertising guidelines set out by Twitter that keep users safe and engaged with content. Read the Twitter Ads Policies to ensure your posts are approved.

Tweets that may not appear as sponsored posts include:

Pros of Promoted Tweets

The pros of promoted Tweets include: