Google is on a roll this week doling out improvements left and right. Next up is YouTube. The company introduced three new features that give members more control when publishing videos.

Currently, when you upload a video your subscribers are automatically notified about the new upload. In the event that you want to upload something that isn’t quite noteworthy enough to land in subscribers’ feeds, you can now turn that functionality off. By default, you subscribers will still be notified about your public uploads; however, you can uncheck this option in the Advanced Settings section during the upload process. Public videos will still be discoverable through search, suggested videos, and on your Channel.

Another noteworthy update is the ability to customize your video’s thumbnail — which viewers see before pressing play — during the upload process, rather than toward the end of it. Now you can choose your preferred thumbnail shortly after the video upload starts. Additionally, YouTube has also rolled out a simplified tag interface, making it easier for you to add and manage your video’s tags. Moving forward, just type in the text for each tag and either add a comma or hit enter. Submitted tags will then be highlighted by a blue box, indicating the word has been entered.

These updates are in response to feedback from publishers, and aim to save you time as well as provide more flexibility as you build up an audience for your Channel. Google has been all about time-savers this week. The company has introduced a new email experience for Gmail and hopes to keep collaborators on task with an all new sidebar for Google+ Hangouts.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Shawn Zamechek]