Over the next couple weeks YouTube is expected to announce new partnerships with media companies to produce original content for its website.

The video sharing website is currently made up of user-generated content. Although most of the videos have been uploaded by individuals, media companies such as CSB, VEVO, and Hulu, offer some material through the YouTube partnership program.

Expected partners include major media companies such as News Corp.’s ShineReveille unit, as well as skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker.

Rumors of Google bringing original content to YouTube surfaced in April when the Journal reported that the company was investing $100 million in original content – and soon after Google’s acquisition of video production firm Next New Networks. This would lead to 20 “premium channels” with 5-10 hours of original videos each week.

While no official details have been shared about YouTube’s new initiative yet, the addition of original channels would largely benefit advertisers. With more than 800 million visitors per day, YouTube is positioning itself to be a viable option for larger scale advertising campaigns. Companies with budgets normally poured into broadcast and cable ads will likely soon have another option.

The site is “always talking to content creators and curators of all kinds about building audiences on YouTube,” a YouTube spokesperson said.

[Via: WSJ, Image credit: davidd]