If you haven’t already opted in to YouTube’s ‘One Channel’ redesign, you’ll want to start getting familiar with the new look and features. While some have been experimenting with the new version, the transition is about to become mandatory.

Launched in a limited trial in February, the redesign creates a consistent experience on browsers across all screens and devices. In March, Google made it available to everyone on an opt-in basis, but it will become the standard starting June 5th.

The new design introduces two new marketing features: cover photos and trailers. Much like on other websites, cover photos offer you another way to express the personality of your channel. These images will appear everywhere — on desktop, mobile phones, tablets, and in hover cards around the site. YouTube suggests uploading a single 2120×1192 image for optimal results.

Channel trailers will only appear to viewers who aren’t already subscribed to your channel — a great way to let visitors know what your channel is about. A good rule of thumb is to keep this video short and include a clear call-to-action, such as subscribe.

It’s impossible to please everyone when it comes to design changes, but YouTube believes this is a good thing for content creators and viewers. The company reported a 20 percent page view increase on channels that have already opted in.

To get the new design, visit www.youtube.com/onechannel and follow the prompts. You can still switch between the existing and new look, but only until June 5th, so make sure that your cover photo is ready.

[Via: Engadget, Image credit: JM3]