YouTube – which has 800 million visitors per month – is launching a new feature called the Merch Store that will enable YouTube partners to sell artist merchandise directly through a channel.

The online video giant has given many artists a big stage to share music on. Now, the company is adding new features that will allow you to sell merchandise, digital downloads, concert tickets, and other experiences to fans.

“Whether you’re the main event, the opener or jamming from your living room, we want to give you the chance to find an audience and make music your career on YouTube,” explains Christian Weitenberner, Senior Technical Account Manager at YouTube.

The store, which will be rolled out over the coming weeks, will first be available to YouTube’s music partners. Previously a user was able to link out from his or her profile to a personal website and/or e-commerce store, such as iTunes, so fans could purchase music.

YouTube has been a popular platform for music discovery, but this new feature offers a new way to conduct business by making it easier for fans to find and buy merchandise. There’s still no word on whether YouTube will expand this feature to all partners.

[Via: Social Times, Image credit: Ibai]