YouTube has quietly rolled out a new feature that enables you to add more branding to your uploaded videos.

Currently, you use annotations to direct viewers to your other videos. With InVideo Programming, you can choose to feature another one of your videos instead of relying on a text link.

Depending on how you choose to set it up, the featured video can play at the same time as the main one — for example, during a tutorial — or you can give the viewer control over when to play it. Right now it seems that you can only feature one video across all others. Hopefully YouTube will add more customization to this in the future.

InVideo Programming also gives you the option of adding an icon to your videos. This could come in handy if your videos are shared a lot, as it would help with brand recognition. Taking advantage of this feature is easy: just choose whether you want to feature your channel (logo) or a video.

If you choose to feature a logo, you can either include your YouTube avatar, or you can upload a custom image. For best results, the company suggests that you upload an image that is 800×800 pixels. You’ll also have control over which corner it appears in as well as when and how long the image appears on-screen.

It appears that this feature is still being rolled out, but you can check to see if you have access by visiting Settings > Channel Settings.

[Via: SocialTimes, Image credit: Rego Korosi]