Last December, YouTube launched a new design for Channels to aid creators in growing an audience. In order to provide viewers with a consistent experience across YouTube, the site is asking admins to switch to the new design before March 7th.

Unlike the current Channels, the new design includes four layout templates and additional customization features that will help you create the best look for your video content.

YouTube is giving admins more than a month to switch over and create a Channel that best showcases your videos. If you haven’t already, you can opt in by clicking the blue “Try the new design” button on the top of your Channel page.

“You may also switch back to the old Channels design repeatedly before March 7 by clicking the “Switch Back” button in the appearance tab of the Edit Channel menu on your new Channel,” explained the YouTube Channels team on its Creators blog.

The new design aims to help creators engage viewers and pull in repeat traffic. The addition of more customizable features can be a bit overwhelming so YouTube has a number of resources available in its Help Center to help you get your Channel ready by the March deadline.

[Image credit: Wonderlane]