Google continues its efforts to create a consistent experience among its products, and is now testing information cards for YouTube Channels.

First spotted by Google Plus Daily, when someone rolls over a channel link, he or she will see a small card which includes the channel’s icon, cover art, name, and a subscribe button. While the card works for all YouTube Channels, if connected, it’ll also include a link to the creator’s Google+ Page or Profile.

If the card design seems familiar, that’s because it is. Not only is it like the card that pops up on Google+, but other social networks — such as Facebook — use something similar. Not only does this provide viewers with quick access to basic channel information without having to open a new page, but it’s also a good opportunity to draw attention to your Google+ presence.

It also means that businesses need to pay closer attention to branding to make sure it’s consistent across networks. Currently it appears that channel cards will work for search results, comments, suggested videos, homepage videos, recommended channels and more. That’s a lot of real estate to cover with an out-of-date logo.

Although it’s still being tested, you can try out the new channel cards by following these steps. Barring any major issues, it seems like this feature could become available to the public any day now.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Horia Varlan]