YouTube’s native iOS app received several new features and improvements today as part of Google’s latest update. Mobile creators now have access to live streams, consistent One Channel branding, and more.

Live streaming support, arguably the most noteworthy addition, means that your viewers can now tune into events as they happen on YouTube from their mobile devices. This would have come in handy last October when the service live streamed the U.S. Presidential debates.

More relevant for brands, however, is the One Channel branding. Rolled out on desktop last month, YouTube’s new layout brought cover photos and trailers to YouTube Channels. The company warned that the images used as cover photos would appear everywhere, including mobile, and it didn’t take long for YouTube to follow through.

The trailers were added to encourage visitors to subscribe to your Channel. Now those subscribers can easily keep up with your content through the iOS app. Today’s update also added a “My Subscriptions” feed to the Guide, which gives viewers quick access to new uploads from their subscriptions — a great way to make sure no content goes unwatched, especially from their favorite creators.

This update doesn’t require any action to be taken by marketers, unless you’re still without a cover photo. If you’re uploading one, the company suggests using a single 2120 x 1192 image for optimal results. We also recommend checking out the Channel Art Guidelines for device-specific specs so you can make sure your images is optimized for each one.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Christian Jensen]