It’s now easier than ever for YouTube creators to take and upload videos using their iPhones. The video-sharing service has launched Capture, a new app for taking, editing, and posting videos from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Currently, YouTube’s iOS app only enables viewing. With YouTube Capture you’re able to skip a couple of steps and upload your video directly from the app to your Channel.

The app offers automatic color correction, trimming, free background music tracks, image stabilization, and overall faster upload times. It will also remind you to shoot your video with a horizontal device.

In addition to uploading to YouTube, Capture makes it easier to share your videos to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You can do all of your sharing simultaneously, or share privately with a select group.

Companies that create a lot of videos on the go, perhaps at networking events or conferences, will benefit from the added convenience and speed that Capture offers. YouTube Capture is currently available only on the iPhone and iPod touch, though the company noted that an Android version will be available soon.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Robert S. Donovan]