International markets have really started adopting social media, which is why many platforms — such as YouTube — are rolling out additional support.

Today, the video sharing platform introduced new languages to its caption feature — which help to make your videos more accessible to people who either speak a different language or are hard of hearing.

Automatic captions and transcript synchronization are now available for Japanese, Korean, and English, in addition to the more than 155 supported languages for manual captions and subtitles.

Channel owners that provide a video caption file in a broadcast format will also receive additional help. Now YouTube supports position and style information, meaning that the text can appear near the person who is speaking, italicized to indicate an off-camera narrator, or scrolling in a real-time mode.

Viewers will also be able to customize the way captions look by clicking on the CC icon. Under Settings, individuals can change the font size and colors used. YouTube plans on adding more options and making this feature available on other platforms in the future as well.

YouTube has also added a new search option for closed caption, which enables viewers to find quotes from videos by adding “cc” to any search — or after searching, by clicking Filter > CC.

Since 2006, YouTube creators have uploaded more than 1.6 million videos with captions. It’s a small number compared to the amount of videos the site receives daily, but it’s incredibly helpful. Brands with an international audience could certainly benefit — especially during tutorials and customer support videos.

[Image credit: Daniel Oines]