While you might have a specific target audience in mind, it’s likely that you’ll acquire a varied fan base. This includes those who either speak a different language or are hard of hearing, which is why YouTube is rolling out additional support.

In 2009, the video sharing site introduced a feature that automatically creates captions for YouTube videos in English. Since then, the company has added Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Today, YouTube announced that it now supports six additional languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch. All viewers have to do is click the closed caption button on any video that makes this feature available.

Of course, relying on automated captions is far from a perfect solution, but it’s a step in the right direction. Video creators can edit captions in-line on YouTube or by downloading them. Additionally, you can also upload plain-text transcripts in any of the 10 supported languages.

In February, it was said that more than 1.6 million videos featured captions. YouTube reports that it has increased to more than 200 million videos in just under a year. We expect that more languages will be supported in the future.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Joel Kramer]