YouTube continues to make video production easier for members by rolling out a new set of audio editing tools.

The company offers Channel owners the ability to add music to videos through its Audio Editing tool, which features a library of music tracks to choose from. Through the AudioSwap feature, you’re able to replace a video’s sound with one of the library’s tracks.

This week’s update brings more tracks to YouTube’s library, which now includes more than 150,000 options. This is a great timing, as the company recently opened up its Partner Program — which provides access to resources that will help you be successful on the platform.

It’s also an important addition because if you decide to use your own music, you risk copyright violation, which could result in your video being taken down.

The company has also added the ability to adjust the volume level of these tracks, which enables you to overlay music on top of your video’s original audio. Additionally, YouTube has updated the Audio Editing interface, making it easier to navigate.

YouTube already features several online video editing tools. With this update — which will become available over the next few days — you’re now able to create quality videos without additional, and often expensive, editing software.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Vancouver Film School]