Last September, YouTube introduced AdWords for Video, which allows you to easily place and manage video ads. The program has been in beta with select advertisers until yesterday, when it officially launched, making it open to everyone.

AdWords for Video aims to simplify online video ad campaigns by integrating them into the AdWords dashboard. Now you can treat video ads just like any other campaign.

The program will follow the same model as Google Search, meaning that you only pay when someone clicks to view your video, and if they watch the entire ad.

It also provides options to help you reach your target audience. For example, you can promote your video with specific keywords so that it appears in YouTube’s search results. You can also choose to show your ad against content your customers are most interested in.

AdWords for Video also enables you to learn more about how viewers are engaging with your brand both during and after they watch your ad. You’ll be able to see how many viewers watched your entire video, visited your website, watched another one of your videos, or subscribed to your Channel, after viewing your ad.

If you’re already running ads through search, this should be an easy transition for you since you’re able to manage everything from a single dashboard. With a global audience of 800 million monthly viewers, it’s definitely worth considering spending some advertising dollars on the program.

[Update:] Google announced that it’s offering $75 in free advertising for 500,000-plus businesses. Anyone interested can learn more about the deal on the Google AdWords homepage.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Sonya Green]