This week, Yelp will begin testing two new filters — called Yelpy Insights — designed to narrow search results to better match consumers’ requests.

The restaurant and business review site has introduced a filter, “Liked by Vegetarians,” specifically for vegetarians. Currently Yelp offers “vegetarian” and “vegan” categories, but the new filter will highlight non-vegetarian restaurants with veggie-friendly options.

Although a search could turn up the same results, customers would have to weed through irrelevant comments that include the word “vegetarian.” Instead, Yelp’s engineers have developed a way to analyze reviews and return valuable Yelpy Insights about popular vegetarian or vegan locations.

Additionally, the company has rolled out a second filter, “X-Somethings,” that focuses on age groups. For example, some businesses might cater to an older crowd, while others attract a younger one.

“Yelp users who tell us what year they were born when creating a Yelp profile give us a big hand in determining the right answers so we can show you the best businesses that fit your needs — as well as interests and age,” explained Yelp in today’s blog post.

The company was careful to note that it won’t share any private information. Instead, Yelp improves its search experience by learning from signals in reviews and customer profiles.

Although these specific filters might not help a majority of the local businesses on Yelp, it will draw more attention to establishments that fit these niche searches that otherwise would get lost in the mix.

[Image credit: Megan]