Two months ago, Yelp launched an updated iPhone app that added the ability to write reviews for businesses directly from mobile devices. Now that same functionality has arrived on Android.

Considering reviews are such a major part of the Yelp experience, it’s somewhat surprising that it took this long for the functionality to make it to mobile. According to the company, its mobile app is used on nearly 10.4 million unique mobile devices on a monthly average basis.

Now consumers can not only discover businesses through the app, but they can leave feedback — both the good and the bad — immediately after their experience. It’s also worth noting that customers aren’t just turning to Yelp for restaurants; they’re also sharing their thoughts on auto mechanics, gyms, and plumbers, for example.

If anyone feared that instant access to reviews would result in a fury of rants, Yelp tells us that it’s not so. The company found that star ratings for reviews written on mobile closely mirror what’s seen on desktop — 80 percent of reviews are three, four, and five stars.

Despite that positive data, it looks like only a handful of businesses actively use the review site. Studies have shown that the average increase in annual revenue for businesses with Yelp accounts is $8,000. That’s a big opportunity to miss out on; it’s time to start listening to what your customers are saying.

Additionally, as a local business using Yelp, you know how important it is to receive feedback. If you frequent your local coffee shop or have worked with a particularly wonderful vendor, sometimes it can be nice to be on the giving end of a review.

If you’d like to see the mobile reviews in action, you can download the updated Android app on Google Play. The iOS version is available from the App Store.

[Image credit: rayand]