Services like Instagram and Pinterest have reminded us that photos are powerful marketing tools, and we think Yelp would agree. The online review service today introduced a new Menu feature that incorporates reviews and user-uploaded food pictures.

Your Yelp Profile already contains the most important information about your business, and now customers can view a complete list of your restaurant’s dining options. The cherry on this sundae is that Yelp’s Menus will be accompanied by photos and dish-related reviews from your customers.

Diners can access the visual menus from the “Explore the Menu” link on your business page. Yelp supplies visitors with additional specifics about menu items, including prices, pictures, and reviews. Customers can click on an individual item to view more photos.

Fan photos are a great resource for telling your business’ story. Earlier this month, a New York-based restaurant began inviting diners to snap pictures of their meals and upload them to Instagram using the hashtag #comodomenu to create a virtual menu. Filtering is difficult on Instagram so there were several non-related images being uploaded as well.

Yelp Menus are rolling out today on business pages across the U.S., and are also available on Yelp’s mobile apps and

[Image credit: lauren]