With iOS 6 expected this fall, Yelp is getting an early start on updating its existing mobile app.

Apple’s upcoming operating system will feature a deeper integration with the review service. For example, individuals will be able to interact with Yelp’s services without leaving the iOS 6 Maps app.

This week, Yelp rolled out version 6.0 of its iPhone app, featuring changes to the way business details, photos, reviews, and tips are displayed. The redesigned business pages now also include a “pull to view” feature, which provides an easy way for customers to view a photo gallery for your business.

The updated app also supports Yelpy Insights — which the company introduced in April — providing more relevant results based on different demographics. Additionally, individuals can now “like” tips left by previous customers.

Individuals using an iPad can now edit a business’ information from within the app, add photos, and vote on reviews. Anyone relying on the mobile web will notice several updates as well. For example, Yelp’s web app now supports user logins, and the creation and viewing of bookmarks and tips.

Despite the upcoming iOS release, these updates — which are available now — are still beneficial to you and your customers. Currently Yelp’s mobile apps account for about 40 percent of all Yelp searches. It’s important that they operate well and provide a pleasant user experience so that your business page continues being exposed to potential customers.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: roboppy]