Check-ins are a great way for customers keep track of favorite spots and discover new venues through friends. Yelp recently updated the way its check in service works making it more meaningful to both customers and businesses.

Currently customers can earn the title of “Regular” after a couple of check-ins at local businesses. Those that have the most number of check-ins become the Duke or Duchess of that location.

After the update, a Yelper still has to be a repeat customer of that business to be a Regular, but those that visit more frequently and more recently are given a higher ranking.

The Regular ranked number one will earn the business’ Dukedom crown — previously this was reserved for the person with the most check-ins.

Regulars will also see their number of check-ins at any given location, which might entice those yearning for the crown to pay a couple of extra visits to your business.

Now that it’s easier for customers to move up in rank and claim the coveted Dukedom crown, it’s important that businesses encourage check-ins as well as reviews. Be sure to make your customers aware of your presence on Yelp.

[Image credit: Jakrapong Kongmalai]