Local businesses might soon see an increase in Yelp reviews and check-ins thanks to a new built-in iOS 6 feature.

Earlier this month Apple announced that it would be saying goodbye to Google Maps in favor of its own Maps app. The company introduced deeper integration with Yelp, which will now bring check-ins, deals, ratings, and reviews to Maps users.

According to developer documents, the integration will allow individuals to interact with Yelp’s services without leaving the iOS 6 Maps app. It certainly presents a convenience factor for you customer.

For example, if a person uses Apple’s Maps app to find your restaurant, he or she can check-in upon arrival without having to switch over to another app, wait for it to load up and find his or her location.

This is a great opportunity for Yelp, although it’s difficult to predict what kind of impact it will have on its competitors — Facebook and Foursquare. While some have written the service off, Yelp shouldn’t be counted out just yet. If you’re spending more time monitoring one of the other platforms, you might want to check in (no pun intended) on your Yelp profile to see what customers are saying.

[Via: Bloomberg, Image credit: Monica Nuñez]