Customers can now share instant reviews and tips by commenting on friends’ Yelp check-ins directly from mobile devices.

The review site has announced that members now have the ability to interact with check-ins through likes and comments.

Previously, there wasn’t a good way for Yelpers to share feedback with friends about their venue choices. Now, when a customer sees his or her friend check in to your restaurant, he or she can immediately recommend his or her favorite dish.

Check-in Comments differ from Tips — which is another feature of the app — in that only the customer and his or her friend can see their comment or like.

While this doesn’t provide much insight for business owners, Yelp’s app is a popular way for customers to connect with local businesses. Last quarter, Yelp was being used on an average of 6 million unique mobile devices.

Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight and can impact your customer’s decision to not only visit your venue, but what he or she purchases as well. Regardless of whether you can see the comments, it’s important to continuously provide excellent service.

[Image credit: roboppy]