2015 was a busy year for Sprout Social. We celebrated 16,000 customers, published over 48 million messages, expanded our social network integrations with Instagram and debuted Bambu—a new employee advocacy tool. As we move forward with 2016, we wanted to thank all of our customers for your business and reflect on last year’s milestones.

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Instagram Integration

As an initial member of the Instagram Partner Program, we rounded out our roster of social networks. This partnership enables people to engage, monitor and analyze their Instagram content through Sprout. Since then, we have enhanced our partnership even further.

Twitter Partnership

For the past three years, we have been a strategic partner in the Twitter Certified Program. In 2015, we deepened this relationship through selection into the Twitter Official Partner Program.

Features Expansion

In 2015, 48 million messages were published through Sprout. To power and enhance those messages, we made improvements, such as content tagging and compose updates, to our suite of social media publishing tools. We also made it even easier for teams to collaborate on content campaigns across multiple profiles and networks with our message approval workflow. We continued adding to our analytic tools with the unveiling of our Twitter Keyword Report.

Bambu Debut

The launch of Bambu by Sprout Social, a new social advocacy platform, gave us the opportunity to provide organizations with a tool that fosters measurable, open communication and amplifies brand reach.

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These key milestones don’t even begin to scratch the surface. Learn about all of Sprout’s 2015 product, partnership and culture wins in the full version of our Year in Review.