Yahoo is making some noise this week with the launch of its new search app and add-on for both iOS and desktop browsers called Axis.

The company aims to offer a “faster, smarter search” while making browsing the web a more visual experience.

The browser — which is available on desktop through a plug-in — remains at the bottom of the screen during your search. It provides thumbnails and page previews as results instead of just links — and your results remain available as you navigate through pages.

In some ways, Axis is similar to Google’s recently launched Knowledge Graph. For example, if you perform a search for “Roots,” Axis will give you the option to refine the search for “Roots” the TV show or “The Roots” the band.

Early reports suggest that while Axis shines on mobile, its desktop experience is lacking. Yahoo ran into some technical difficulties early on when it had to disable its Chrome extension due to security concerns.

Despite a bumpy launch, Axis does have some redeeming qualities. It’s designed to let you move seamlessly between your devices. It connects your online experiences as you move from your iPad to iPhone so you can easily continue where you left off.

While we don’t see Axis replacing your current search tools, at least on desktop, it does appear to be a powerful addition to your mobile browsing experience. Unfortunately, those of you using Android or Windows phones will have to hold out a while longer.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: gaku]