WordPress.com has announced that iOS users can now upload and embed videos onto blogs thanks to VideoPress’ latest update.

VideoPress is a WordPress plugin that converts original video into formats suitable for viewing on the web – whether from your desktop or mobile devices.

Bloggers with iPhones or iPads can now upload videos directly from their mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if videos are shot vertically or horizontally, VideoPress will rotate it before publishing.

To start using VideoPress, you will need a WordPress.com account, as well as the WordPress app on your device. The update is currently unavailable for anyone using a self-hosted WordPress.org site; however, WordPress hinted that some “exciting announcements” are coming soon.

For many, the ability to create and publish content from mobile devices has become a necessity – especially for those bouncing from conference to conference. This update will cut down your wait time between filming and publishing so you can share more content with your community more quickly.

[Image credit: Matthew Pearce]