With all of the research and energy put into blogging, it can sometimes seem like a chore. In an effort to simplify the publishing process, WordPress has introduced new tools inspired by Tumblr’s dashboard.

Instead of having to visit your dashboard every time inspiration hits, you can now start a draft by clicking the New Post button on the toolbar — as well as WordPress’ homepage. The editor will slide down from the top of the screen and you can start writing regardless of the page you’re on. Of course, this only works if you’re logged in to your WordPress.com account.

If you’re not feeling very talkative and would rather share a photo or video, just click on the appropriate prompt to the left of the editor. However, if you want to share multiple photos, you’ll have to use the Write a Post tab — the Post a Photo tab is for single images.

Through the editor you can also add some tags and choose the blog you’d like to update — should you have more than one — by using the drop-down menu below it. If you’d like to schedule a post, you’ll still have to do that the old-fashioned way through All Posts.

If you have a theme that supports post formats — which customizes the presentation based on the type of post — WordPress notes that posts published with Post a Photo, Video, Quote, or Link will be displayed with a distinct post format.

This might not take the chore out of blogging, but it does help to speed up the process a bit — especially if you’re sharing quick, easily digestible content. Brands on Tumblr have found a lot of success in engaging audiences through this method, which is why this is a very smart move for WordPress.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Erik Hersman]