WordPress.com has introduced WordAds, an advertising alternative to Google’s AdWords, which offers bloggers an opportunity for monetization.

WordPress is a free blogging and publishing platform. Over the years bloggers have requested a way to earn money through blogging. The company resisted offering advertising up until this point.

WordAds, which is optional, will allow a blogger to make money from his or her blog by showing “high quality ads from brand advertisers” through the aid of Federated Media – an independent media and publishing company that also sells ads for BoingBoing and Apple Insider.

Only publicly visible blogs with custom domains will be eligible to run WordAds. Selection is based on the blog’s traffic and engagement and type of content. The language used on a blog will also be considered during the review process.

It’s still unclear how WordAds will differ from AdWords. Bloggers that are interested are asked to log in to WordPress.com and fill out a form, which represents interest in the program, but represent an official sign-up.

With more than 50,000 WordPress-powered blogs online every day, this is a great opportunity for advertisers looking to reach more niche audiences. At this time, it appears that you need to contact Federated Media for more information about getting involved from an ad standpoint.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Images Money]