By now it should be pretty obvious that word of mouth can be a powerful driver for your brand. Whether you’re looking for more followers, increased sales, or a boost in mentions, recommendations from friends and family carry a lot of influence among consumers.

But what type of recommendations carry the most weight? According to a study by social media marketing agency Zócalo Group, 46 percent of respondents are influenced by their Facebook friends Liking Pages. While Likes have been viewed as a “vanity metric,” page like stories have begun displaying more information to attract addition Likes over the past year. Now sporting cover photos and other friends who have Liked a Page, page like stories — in some cases — can be just as powerful as an ad.

Tied with Facebook Likes is positive brand reviews. The study didn’t go into specifics regarding the location of these reviews, however. It’s fair to assume that review sites — like Yelp, for example — or blog posts featuring reviews play a role in this metric. Both Facebook Likes and reviews are only one percent behind YouTube video reviews, which was favored among 47 percent of respondents. These results, however, only reveal the influence of online recommendations.

In the infographic below you’ll find more information about offline recommendations, the most trusted sources for recommendations, and a bit of reasoning behind recommendations. Also, keep in mind that social media has made it much easier to track the success of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Not only can you keep a close eye on metrics, but you get to know the individuals behind the Likes, reviews, videos, and so on.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Tax Credits]