About one month ago, Facebook announced that it was testing a “Promote” button that would enable Facebook Page administrators to pay real money to make their updates appear prominently in fans’ Facebook News Feeds. Now that feature is no longer just in testing; it’s available to all Facebook Pages, provided they have at least 400 Likes.

To use the new feature, you just go to publish an update to your Facebook Page like you always would. Once you click in the text field, the “Promote” drop-down button will appear below the field. If you click it, you’re given the option to select how much you want to spend on what is essentially an ad buy.

The number of impressions your post receives will depend on how much money you put into it, and you’ll be able to track your progress for the three days that the promotion remains in effect. That said, there is a human review process here; the Facebook team looks at the post to confirm its validity before it gets promoted.

In the meantime, though, the post appears in your fans’ News Feeds normally. Think of it like a cheaper alternative to Facebook Ads that appears only to people who’ve already engaged with your brand.

[Via: Facebook Marketing, Image credit: Elvert Barnes]