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Balancing the diverse needs of customers while maintaining your brand’s image and keeping everyone happy is no small feat. Being a community manager can be a high-stress job, but walking the metaphorical tightrope between the needs of your business and the needs of your customers is exactly what community managers have signed up to do.

At Sprout Social, we get to talk to some of the most talented community managers day in and day out. As you know, wisdom and value lies in sharing experiences and tangible ideas. Last month we kicked off a series called the Community Manager Field Guide highlighting someone of the best community managers out there, as well as their tips and suggested resources. If you missed it, you can catch up on the recap from week one.

New this week is RumChata’s Adam Palmer. Here’s what he had to say about maintaining your effectiveness as a community manager in a constantly demanding environment. Being exposed to different writing styles as an editor helped improve Adam’s writing skills, which now shapes how he writes posts for RumChata. His tips don’t stop there. You can can click on the image to get the full list of tips and resources on Pinterest.

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Yesterday we heard from Wunderlist’s Simon Chan on his choices for what keeps him fresh and invigorated for ongoing success as a community manager. Simon shared his thoughts on why it’s important to set limits for yourself and how to do so in ways that benefit your team and community in addition to yourself. For Simon, riding his bike is a great way to physically work out any stress he’s built up.

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We also rounded up some of our favorite tweets from the Sprout Social community, like this one from Siobhan Hitchmough:

Additionally, Twilio’s Meghan Murphy and Blue Magnet both shared their tips in the form of blog posts. While Meghan focuses on productivity and starting your work day off right, Blue Magnet recommends monitoring mentions for user-generated content.

Have your own tips to share? Whether it’s general tips, tricks of the trade, favorite resources and gadgets — tell us what goes into your daily routine. Tweet @SproutSocial with the hashtag #CMFieldGuide, leave comments here, or visit us on Facebook and Google+ to share your suggestions.