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How to Create Awesome Twitter and Instagram Videos


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Instagram and Twitter video is a really awesome canvas for marketers. Join us as we talk about how Wistia thinks about using video on these platforms and learn how to create video content for your marketing efforts!

Among other things, learn how to:

  • Tackle square vs. widescreen aspect ratios.
  • Address muted autoplay.
  • Shoot and edit your video outside of your phone.
  • Create an Instagram/Twitter video strategy to compliment your marketing efforts.

The Presenters

Chris Lavigne

Video Team

Chris makes videos at Wistia. When he's not camera-in-hand, you can find him behind the wheel of a backhoe, snuggling with his dog Lenny, or reciting lines from Jurassic Park. Find him on the Twitters @crlvideo

Trevor Holmes

Video Team

Trevor is a Video Champion at Wistia. He loves good design and stop-motion animation. Check out his dog-focused motivational instagram feed at @motivationaldog