Storytelling through video can be powerful, but not every company has the manpower or necessary experience to create visual masterpieces. That’s where Vimeo is hoping to come in. Today the video-sharing service is moving beyond spreading your videos and will start helping you make them.

Vimeo has launched Brand Creative Fund, a new resource/ad unit for marketers that gives you access to filmmakers who can help to make your vision a reality. Each experience can be customized to support your company’s unique objectives, helping you to create and distribute quality content.

“Some of the world’s most talented creators call Vimeo home, and we’re now giving brands the opportunity to tap the creative power of this community to develop original and compelling content that their consumers will watch and share,” stated Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor.

Helping the service kick things off is The Lincoln Motor Company, which turned to Vimeo to support its year-long “Hello, Again” campaign. Through the Brand Creative Fund, Lincoln commissioned four filmmakers to develop a series of short films that encourage consumers to re-imagine the brand by seeing everything that’s old as new again.

Trainor noted that brands looking to create traditional 30-second ads wouldn’t be well-served. “This is not about 30-second spots … and videos aren’t exclusively about the brand,” he told VentureBeat. “The brand can be front and center or it can simply be a supporter of creative content.” If you’d prefer to keep content-creation in-house and on a smaller scale, there are plenty of resources available from both Vimeo and YouTube.

Vimeo recently launched a video-editing tool called “Looks,” which offers creators more than 500 professional-looking filters that can be applied to videos. YouTube also offers user-friendly audio editing features and video editing tools. Additionally, YouTube’s Partner Program offers creators access to programs and resources to help you become more successful on the platform.

Creating compelling content doesn’t always have to be a huge event, but if you need the extra help, especially for some of your larger campaigns, it’s nice knowing that services like Vimeo’s Brand Creative Fund exist.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Vancouver Film School]