Although businesses can boost traffic to their websites in a variety of ways, some methods are more effective than others. Recently, Verizon Wireless increased site logins by 30 percent through gamification.

Gamification is the concept of using of game-like techniques to increase engagement with non-game activities. A common example of this is unlocking badges in Foursquare for visiting new locations.

Verizon Wireless had already begun creating Verizon Insider, a hub for the company’s events, contests, sponsorships, and social initiatives. With help from gamification provider Gigya, Verizon was able to reward customers with badges for engaging with the site.

By integrating Gigya’s Social Login — which enables people to login using one of their existing social network identities — Verizon was able to offer customers a simple registration process and the ability easily share content with their own networks.

It appears the integration was well worth it. More than 50 percent of the site’s users participated in the gamification environment. On average, customers who used registered Social Login spent 30 percent more time on Verizon Insider than before. These customers also generated 15 percent more page views than others.

“By allowing users to interact using their social identities, we’re not just engaging with them more effectively but also understanding them like never before,” stated Beth Tourek, social media strategist at Verizon Wireless.

More and more companies are applying gamification techniques to their marketing and social strategies. If you’re interested in adopting it for your business, we recommend checking out some more case studies to see what has worked and, more importantly, what hasn’t.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: HarshLight]