Yesterday Twitter followed up its IPO announcement with the introduction of a new feature that will help verified members — like celebrities and major brands — better manage their conversations on the social platform.

Public figures, regardless of whether you’re a celebrity or a company, have to deal with a high volume of incoming messages from fans, media, and customers. With that in mind, Twitter is giving you an easier way to manage the large number of conversations you’re in through a new filtering system.

Currently the Connect tab shows interactions from everyone that sends you a tweet, no matter if they’re your friends, followers, or spam bots. Now, as a verified user, you can go to your Connect tab and toggle between mentions in three categories: all, filtered, and verified. Selecting “filtered” will show mentions based on an algorithm Twitter uses to filter out spam. Choosing “verified” means you’ll only see mentions from other verified accounts.

As more brands continue to integrate Twitter into their marketing strategies, being able to remove the extra step of sifting through all the spam and irrelevant conversations is extremely helpful. This enables you, or your community managers, to more quickly hone in on the important interactions with fans and customers.

The company noted that it will continue to evolve and improve this feature — including bringing it to mobile — in order to help you better monitor and engage with others on Twitter.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Josey]