Product Update: New Task Notifications

Sprout has introduced two new features that will help those of you who use (or should be using) our Tasks features. Tasks allow you to turn any social message into a tracked object, for yourself or your team—now they are easier to track and available via email…

Notification Center

In the top left corner of the Sprout Social app, you will see a notification for Tasks as well as new messages. New tasks and messages will always be visible, from anywhere in the app.

Task Notification Center

Task Notification Emails & Reply Via Email

When a new task is assigned, the assignee will receive an email notice. Subsequent updates will also be alerted via email.

From within the notice, you can click to see the full task history in Sprout Social, or if a quick response is in order, you can reply via email. Sweet!

Note: Email notifications have been defaulted to ON for current Sprout Social users. Your account owner can turn this function off from settings if you prefer.

Task Email Notifications

Enjoy the latest features, and as always let us know how we can help you get the most out of Sprout Social. Email any time for assistance.

– Team Sprout