At Sprout Insights we provide resources and articles to keep you informed about ways to effectively build your social media presence. But beyond this publication, our parent company Sprout Social has tools that help you track and control that presence.

Sprout Social provides social media managers with a powerful set of tools that are designed to make brand monitoring and engagement less of a chore. Recently, we looked broadly at some of the key features that make social media management easier.

And when it comes to monitoring mentions, managing multiple accounts, and growing a social presence, there is no better tool that Sprout’s unified social media Inbox. Here’s how to make the most of this incredibly powerful tool.

See Your Profiles in a Unified Inbox

Instead of providing you with a never-ending series of columns or forcing you to have multiple tabs open at the same time, the unified social media Inbox aggregates content from across your many linked networks and displays it in an organized and simplified way.

Whether you are tasked with managing multiple Twitter or Facebook accounts or just have to keep track of your brand across a range of networks, the Inbox provides you with a single place to view both incoming and outgoing content.

Manage Message Types

Clicking any of the linked accounts will present even more options to hone in on specific content. For Twitter, you can choose to show or hide individual mentions, direct messages, retweets and new followers. For Facebook, you can view wall posts and comments, and now you can see your private messages too.

The unified social media Inbox also keeps track of sent messages. This is especially important when you have a staff of people responsible for social media management; everyone can now keep up on what’s being sent from all of your accounts. Since sent messages can appear inline with your incoming content, you can quickly see what was said and how customers are responding as it happens.

Monitor Brand Keywords

In addition to managing actual linked accounts, Sprout’s unified social media Inbox allows you to keep track of brand mentions not directly tied to your accounts. Sprout Social’s brand keyword monitoring tool asks you to input additional search terms to be added to your Inbox when they appear across social networks. These can be anything from words related to your brand, your brand’s name (in cases where people forget to use your handle), or even product or service names.

When adding brand keywords, you can choose to add some advanced options, such as which networks to search for, or specific locations where the keywords were mentioned. Brand keywords you add to your Inbox will appear inline with your existing Twitter and Facebook content as it comes in. This makes it easier to enhance your monitoring efforts without changing the way you keep track of incoming content.

Take Your Inbox With You

With Sprout Social, you can take your accounts, custom brand keywords, and the all the benefits of the unified social media Inbox with you wherever you are. Available for iPhone and Android, the entire Sprout Social experience is mobile-ready. Just like within the Sprout Social website, you can choose to highlight specific accounts, target specific post types and keep track of sent messages coming from your team.

The unified social media Inbox experience is just the start of the many powerful features that Sprout Social offers. By hovering over any message, you’ll be presented with all the important options you’ll need, like the ability to report spam, favorite tweets, translate posts, and email messages to others.

You can also create tasks and reply to messages quickly from the Inbox, saving time and energy as you manage your brand’s social activity. With all the information about your network available in one place, Sprout Social’s unified social media Inbox allows you to spend more time creating great content and building your brand’s reputation.