Social media platforms continue to reach international audiences, which might be why Twitter is testing an auto-translate feature.

The microblogging platform is experimenting with a new feature that automatically translates tweets into different languages with the help of Bing Translator — a free translation tool that supports 38 languages.

With the translator, you will be able to click on a non-English tweet and view a translated version below the original tweet.

Twitter told Mashable that it had begun rolling out the feature to a small percentage of members last week. The company hopes that this will help people better connect and interact with others, without a language barrier.

Currently there are no details about when Twitter will roll out the feature to its entire user base. When, and if, it does, it will certainly help brands that have an international presence — especially if you’re receiving mentions from non-English speaking customers.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: chollingsworth3]