Regardless of who you were rooting for, it appears that Twitter was the winner of last night’s Super Bowl. Not only was this the most tweeted Super Bowl ever, but Twitter was also mentioned in far more ads than its social competitors.

A tally kept by Marketing Land’s Matt McGee showed that Twitter was mentioned in about half of the 52 national commercials aired between kickoff and final seconds of the game. To compare, Facebook was mentioned in 8 percent of ads while Instagram and YouTube were each mentioned in just one ad. Google+, however, wasn’t mentioned at all.

During the 2012 Super Bowl, Twitter and Facebook were each mentioned in eight commercials. From this, it’s fair to assume that Twitter has become the more popular channel for live event marketing. And while it was a great night for Twitter, marketers and advertisers should be celebrating as well.

According to digital consulting agency Whispr Group, for every seven tweets about the game, there were two tweets about the ads. GoDaddy came out on top with more than 290,000 tweets, but quantity doesn’t always equal quality. The sentiment of those tweets were mostly negative — only 14 percent of the tweets were positive.

Bringing in nearly 10,000 new followers, Taco Bell’s ad scored the highest across all categories for volume of tweets, positive sentiment, new followers, and ROI. However, Oreo — which spent about half of Taco Bell’s budget on its own ad — scored big with a well-timed tweet about the blackout, resulting in 7,700 new followers and more than 14,000 retweets.

This is a good example of why it’s important that someone is monitoring your social accounts. While the Super Bowl is a special case, these reports demonstrate the real-time power of social media — especially Twitter. Prime time commercials aren’t feasible for most companies, but some of these campaigns can be re-created on a smaller scale. Don’t under-estimate the power of a sense of humor and well-timed tweet.

[Via: Mashable, VentureBeat, Image credit: Au Kirk]