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This week we’re profiling a real-world Twitter Success Story from Rapzilla — a website that supports and promotes Christian hip-hop music. Using a couple of innovative Twitter branding tactics, Rapzilla has elevated its Twitter following to over 20,000 people, and generates over 1 million page views per month on its website. Here’s how Rapzilla did it.

The Tactics

According to Rapzilla’s founder, Philip Rood, Christian hip-hop music has been really rising in popularity in the last couple of years, and the site he built to promote this type of music and subculture has risen right along with it. “People in this industry, obviously, are quite familiar with the concept of Christian hip-hop,” he says, “but if you’ve never heard of it before, it does seem to surprise people that such a genre exists,” says Rood. “That’s just another thing we can use to our advantage to stand out in a crowd,” he adds.

Rapzilla uses some other innovative tactics to promote its Twitter presence in conjunction with the music it promotes. For example, on all the videos featured on its site, Rapzilla includes both the artist’s Twitter handle, and its own, in the title of the video (as in the image above). “That way, a lot of the people who are already familiar, or followers of the artist on Twitter, will also follow @Rapzilla,” Rood says. “It’s also great for SEO [search engine optimization] because whether someone is searching for the artist, the title track, or just Christian hip-hop in general, our Twitter handle is prominently featured in those search results,” he says.

Another creative way that Rapzilla promotes its Twitter profile is through a custom web-app it developed. The app requires “a social action from the user in order to download music from our site,” says Rood. “Our users either have to share a link on Facebook, or Tweet about the app to unlock the free music download,” he explains. “The tweet automatically starts by thanking @Rapzilla and gives a link to download the song. All that person’s followers then know about our brand, which promotes our site, drives more traffic, and gets more downloads,” says Mr. Rood.

The Takeaways

“There’s no doubt about it — we owe our success to social media,” Rood says, “and a large part of that comes directly from Twitter.” And what a success it is! Rapzilla is closing in on 25,000 Twitter followers. It also gets over 150,000 unique visitors, and over 1 million page views per month on its website, according to Rood. “With the large number of followers and page views we have, and the promotional tactics we have in place to keep that trend on the rise, we can command higher advertising revenues,” says Rood.

Following the examples of Philip Rood and his crew at Rapzilla, consider ways that you can employ creative, yet unobtrusive ways to promote your Twitter presence within the content that you’re promoting. With the popularity of web apps, Rapzilla has found a way to leverage that popularity, not only to promote its content but to promote its social media presence as well. If you’re developing an app — whether for the web or for mobile devices, consider ways that you can emulate this tactic in your app’s infrastructure.

You can reach out to Philip Rood and Rapzilla on Twitter, or take a look at the artists, music and subculture of Christian hip-hop by visiting

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[Image credits: Rapzilla]