It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

This week we’re profiling a real-world Twitter Success Story. We’ll show you how Jackrabbit Janitorial — a cleaning services company in Phoenix, AZ — was able to pick up over 30 new clients and increase its sales by 49 percent using a variety of effective Twitter marketing tactics.

Make Time for Twitter

Perhaps you’ve seen this sign in a workplace near you: “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” Kyle Clayton, owner of Jackrabbit Janitorial (@JackrabbitPHX), puts his own social media spin on this slogan, with what could be his personal motto: “If you’ve got time to clean, then you’ve got time to Tweet.”

As a business owner and operator, Kyle is living proof that even if your job is labor intensive, you can always find time to connect with your target audience on Twitter. “I’m in the field, doing the cleaning,” says Kyle, “but if I have one hand on the vacuum I have the other on my phone reading incoming tweets,” he adds.

Clayton’s attention to his clients’ needs does not suffer as a result of his immersion in social media, however. In fact, “developing lasting customer relationships” is the number one reason Jackrabbit is different from the competition, according to Clayton.

When Kyle is at a job site, he’ll routinely engage with that client on Twitter — in between tasks. It’s not uncommon for him to give public praise for his clients on Twitter when they’re doing a good job, like the picture he tweeted below.

Clayton says you have to find the time to tweet about things that are relevant to your audience. While he says his competitors are using Twitter “mostly for salesy tweets,” he tweets things like green cleaning tips, “which is really popular with my followers,” he says.

Twitter as a Referral Engine

Going the extra mile for his clients, both at the job site and on Twitter, has paid off for Kyle Clayton and Jackrabbit Janitorial. “We’ve gotten at least 30 new clients referred to us from Twitter,” says Mr. Clayton, and sales are up 49 percent” between 2010 and 2011.

These are impressive numbers but can they really be attributed to Twitter? “We don’t advertise anywhere else,” says Mr. Clayton, adding, “the only marketing we do is word-of-mouth and Twitter”. Clayton says that Twitter is unique in its ability to build trusted relationships with his followers. Other social networks are “not as dynamic as Twitter,” he adds.

Twitter allows Jackrabbit Janitorial to really get to know its customers, many of whom reciprocate by referring Jackrabbit Janitorial to their followers on Twitter. It’s clear that when you stop thinking about Twitter as a broadcast advertising medium and instead think of it as a powerful referral engine, positive results are sure to follow.

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[Image credit: Jackrabbit Janitorial(FB)]