Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps to make it easier for members to discover what’s happening on the platform. Beneficial for consumers as well as businesses, new search filters will help members quickly find the tweets and people they’re looking for.

Focused on discovery, both apps now offer the option to search for only pictures, videos, or news stories. Previously you could only search through usernames or entire tweets. The videos filter will be particularly popular among Vine users.

Members also have the option to view All Tweets by toggling between top tweets and all tweets at the top of search results. This could be beneficial to people using Twitter for research purposes. It’s also worth noting that the results can be filtered to display only the tweets from people you follow.

In addition to search filters, Twitter has also made it easier to discover trends and events through a new trending timeline in Discover. Not only can viewers find trends with associated tweets, but they can also see trending TV shows and nearby events. This is particularly helpful for members craving a localized experience.

And finally, the new compose view will ask you if you are near a location. This was likely done in an effort to encourage people to attach location information to their tweets. Previously you had to tap on the location button putting all of the responsibility on the tweeter.

This week’s update certainly fits in with Twitter’s recent media focus — the company has been highlighting the medium on its network more and more lately. Its new apps should only make finding content easier for its members, including businesses. You can download the updated apps from iTunes and Google Play.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: laogooli]