Starting today, Twitter revealed that brands will now be able to target Promoted Tweets to mobile members based on similar interests.

Last month, the company announced that it would begin displaying ads in its official mobile apps. However, these ads were only visible to people following the participating brands.

The latest update will make your Promoted Tweets available to not only your followers, but to members of their networks based on mutual interests. It’s still unclear how Twitter plans to determine which interests are shared among your followers and their networks.

In addition to basing ads off of interests, Twitter is also offering advertisers the ability to target specific devices — such as iOS or Android — or to broadcast across all platforms at once.

Twitter promises that the mobile experience will be the same as the desktop experience. Promoted Tweets will appear just once in timelines. As people scroll, these tweets will flow with the rest of the tweets. And, as usual, Twitter will only display Promoted Tweets when relevant.

Mobile targeting is great for any advertiser looking to target a specific audience. If used well, it could greatly increase the popularity and reach of your message.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Maria Hagglof]