Twitter plans to roll out a new kind of advertising tweet. It will only appear to users who are following the updates of the brand paying for the ad.

This is an evolution of the “Promoted Tweets” that Twitter introduced last year. A Promoted Tweet is a paid tweet that appears in the user’s timeline if he or she searches for a term or clicks on a Trending Topic.

Promoted Tweets for Followers, on the other hand, will appear automatically at the top of the timeline of the brand’s followers when they first log on during a specific time frame. Once seen, it will be pushed down the timeline like any other tweet.

For example, Nike can issue a tweet to its users telling them of a nationwide weekend sale and run it from Thursday through Sunday. Any Twitter users who follow Nike’s Twitter stream will see that tweet at the top of their timeline if they log in to the social media service during that window of time.

Twitter will restrict the number of promoted tweets a user sees and will only display them using their own client. Third party Twitter applications, both web and mobile, will not show promoted tweets at this time.

Promotoed Tweets for Followers is already being pitched to clients by Twitter and will start appearing in the service in August.

[Source: All Things D, Image credit: Rosaura Ochoa]