Pinterest might be a better source of referral traffic, but its got nothing on Twitter when it comes to revenue.

Zappos Labs found that while consumers were 13 times more likely to share a purchase on Pinterest than Twitter, tweets generated the most revenue.

Using its new PinPointing system — a web tool that recommends products based on Pinterest posts — the company was able to disprove an earlier study claiming that Pinterest users were more likely to buy and spend twice as much as referrals from other social networks.

According to Zappos, Twitter referrals averaged $33.66 per order, more than 10 times those of Facebook ($2.08 per order) and Pinterest ($0.75 per order) combined.

“Even if a person has 100,000 followers on Pinterest and she pins something to a board called ‘Stuff I Love,’ that’s not as big a deal as an endorsement tweeted to 10,000 followers,” explained Will Young, director at Zappos Labs.

While this data is not meant to deter you from using Pinterest, it serves as a good reminder not to neglect your strategies on other social media platforms.

[Via: Bloomberg, Image credit: Tom Brandt]