Twitter has become the number one photo sharing service with 36.1% of all shares on the network – coming from its official service – beating out third-party apps like Instagram and Yfrog.

In August, Twitter announced that it would offer an official image hosting and uploading service. Previously you could only upload an image through third-party services, such as TwitPic and pic.twitter.

In just under three months Twitter has out-performed past leaders. Prior to Twitter’s announcement TwitPic had 45.6% of the market share, and now comes in second with only 30.3%. Yfrog, which used to have 29.3% of shares, now only accounts for 21.1% of uploads.

The biggest contributor to Twitter’s success has been its Twitter for iPhone app, which accounts for 42% of photos shared by its service and 21% of all photos shared on Twitter. Not far behind is Apple’s iOS 5 – which launched about a month ago – accounting for 5% of all photos uploaded to Twitter, making it the 7th largest Twitter photo client.

According to Skylines – a photo search engine – not all third-party apps are doomed. TwitPic is still the most popular service used to share photos among Android devices and Yfrog is still the most popular on BlackBerry.

Currently the benefit of uploading your photos through Twitter is that the microblogging site keeps a history of your uploads right on your Profile page. While other services offer histories as well, followers have to leave Twitter to view them.

[Via: All Twitter, Image credit: Bark]